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Frac Valve Service

We start with the highest quality valves to help you optimize your operations. Our integrated service package can include Frac valves, Valve greasing, and Accumulators and efficient Zipper manifold equipment to help you complete your well on time and on budget. We provide professional field installation services, technical support and asset management. We are with you through the life of your field. Supreme offers Frac valves to give you full, secure control of your well during stimulation operations. Our highly trained service technicians install the Frac valves and operate them, saving you time and effort. We maintain inventories of 5K-15K Frac valves, crosses, and Frac heads with weco unions, Adaptor spools and Grease units at our service locations.


  • Any well that needs hydraulic fracturing
  • Pump rates from 35 to 100 bbl/min
  • Conventional or advanced wellhead systems
  • 5K to 15K pumping pressures
  • Frac jobs where pumping pressure exceeds wellhead working pressure


  • Full opening to 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” production casing
  • Can be installed or retrieved under pressure through 7-1/16” Frac tree to eliminate the need for setting wireline plug or killing your well
  • Incorporates profile to accept ISA back pressure valve
  • Protects your wellhead investment

Zipper Manifold System

Zipper Manifold System offers time savings and pumping efficiencies when stimulating multiple wells on a single pad. The Zipper Manifold is available in a variety of modular configurations, in valve sizes from 4” to 7”. The manifolds are set up to isolate each well to safely allow simultaneous operations, such as running wireline tools or pumping down perforating guns, while the next well is stimulated.


  • Multi-well pad stimulation operations
  • Pump rates from 35 to 100 bbl/min
  • 5 to 20K pumping pressures


  • Installed and connected to multiple trees before pumping starts.
  • Allows continuous pumping on multi-well stimulations
  • Allows Fracking more stages per day
  • Compact footprint for space constraint locations
  • Frac Tree and Flow-back Systems